Lindsey is featured as Amy in Maggie Budzyna’s “Borderline,” in which a group of young people travel through the desert to retrieve an inheritance. Along the way, their alliance is tested by their clashing values and economic standings.


In August 2022, Lindsey made her guest star debut on a season 3 episode of OWN’s “All Rise” entitled “Truth Hurts” (dir. Wilson Bethel.) In the episode, Lindsey plays Eden Porter, a stripper seeking legal assistance after she finds herself drugged by a club patron. 


Directed by Jared Hogan and starring Lindsey Normington and Zoe Foulks, the music video for “I’ll Call You Mine” off of Girl in Red’s debut studio album tells the story of a female-female Bonnie and Cylde duo. Two lovers on the run from the law attempt to traverse the desert as well as their own rocky relationship.



Anti-Gone” is a mixed reality theatre piece performed by Lindsey Normington and Zana Gankhuyag. Directed by Theo Triantafyllidis and based on the original comic book by Connor Willumsen, Lindsey and Zana perform the piece wearing motion capture and virtual reality equipment. Each actor is accompanied by a virtual avatar which they puppeteer in real time. It is a 75 minute unscripted crossover between a video game and an immersive theatre experience, exploring themes of climate change, class privilege, and technological disillusionment. “Anti-gone” was performed live at the 2020 Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, and the 2021 ONX Studio Showcase in NYC. It was also performed virtually in 2020 at the BFI London Film Festival, Pop Montreal Festival, and Gray Area Festival and in 2021 at San Marino’s Mediterranea 19 Biennale.



Based on true events, “How to (without a Doubt) Get Rich and Famous in LA” is the story of two LA party girls who will do whatever it takes for an ounce of clout. Co-written by Lindsey Normington and Kelly Curran, and co-directed by Kelly, Lindsey, and Creston Brown, this project was Lindsey’s first realized experience directing, producing, and writing for film. “How to (without a Doubt) Get Rich and Famous in LA” was premiered on NoBudge and was voted audience favorite at Open Projector Night in Grand Rapids, MI.



Developed as an independent study in her final year of college, Lindsey Normington’s one person show FIGUREHEAD tells the story of an explosive young woman named Peg Maxim. Kidnapped, Peg spends the entirety of the 70 minute production chained to a basement floor, musing about what her life could have been. FIGUREHEAD went on to be an official selection of the 2019 United Solo Theatre Awards where Lindsey was awarded “Best Emerging Actress” for her NYC performance.”

You can watch Lindsey’s premiere performance of FIGUREHEAD at Grand Valley State University HERE.